Looking to save money on your heating bills this winter? It’s not always easy to find the right balance between staying warm and comfortable Thermostat Saving Money - Nashville TN - Airbusters Heating & Coolingwhile also keeping your monthly payments in check, but we have some tips to help you stay on track this holiday season.

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Find Your Set Point

What’s a set point? It’s the temperature you typically keep your thermostat at. In the summertime, it’s recommended to keep this at around 74 degrees in terms of saving money, but in the winter, it’s suggested to keep it around 68-70 degrees. Now, for many this seems a bit too low, so if you find yourself cranking it up a bit, here are some extra tips for keeping that energy bill in check.

Set a schedule for changing it throughout the day. If you’re one that likes to keep it lower in the day, then higher at night, try to consistently adjust it. (If you have a programmable thermostat, this should be pretty easy!)

Also, when adjusting temperatures, try not to vary it more than 3 degrees at a time. This reduces your system’s recovery time, so that it’s not forced to work quite so hard (thus upping that monthly bill and increasing wear and tear).

Close Your Chimney Damper

Have a fireplace? Make sure your damper is closed! This is one of the easiest ways to save money throughout the winter, and it’s one thing many homeowners tend to forget about. Because the damper is hidden in your chimney, it falls into that “out of sight, out of mind” category, so it’s easy to forget to shut it after your fire is done.

Be sure to add this to your mental checklist when you start turning up the heat for the year!

Keep Your Ductwork Insulated

If your ductwork snakes through areas that are exposed to frigid winter temperatures (like in the crawlspace or attic), make sure it is well-insulated. This ensures your vents are capable of heating your home to the best of their capability!

Why is this such a big deal? Well, if that cold outdoor air is given easy access to the vents, they’ll be too cold to keep your inside air warm as it passes through. That means you’ll be looking at a lot of heat loss! Just think of it as blowing hot air over an ice cube… The warmer these ducts can stay, the better off you will be. Our ductwork services are excellent. Contact us about them today.

Use Your Fans

In the summer, your ceiling fans should be moving counterclockwise to get that optimal breeze necessary for keeping you and your household nice and cool. Once temperatures drop and your heat is on, though, you should switch their direction, so the warm air that rises will be sent back down to circulate through your home.

If you’re not sure how to do this, just take a closer look at your fan. You’ll likely see a little switch. Just flip it, and you’re good to go! Your heating system won’t be left working as hard, and you’ll be getting that warm air you’re hoping for.

And speaking of fans, if you have a newer system, be sure to program it to regularly turn your thermostat fans on and off. This will ensure air is still circulating everywhere (even in rooms that are less occupied), only without having your fan constantly going and wasting energy.

Don’t Block Your Vents

If your vents are covered or blocked, all of your rooms won’t have the airflow they require to stay comfortable and cozy. On top of that, air flow and circulation will be hindered, which then forces your system to work harder as it tries to reach all the areas of your home.

Remember – hot air is naturally attracted to cold spaces. This means your heater won’t stop until all rooms are adequately heated. Ensure your vents can follow the most efficient path possible by clearing that area around your vents. It’ll be worth it!

Dress Warmer

This may seem obvious, but we always like to give a friendly reminder to bundle up! Putting on a pair of socks and a cozy sweatshirt can make a drastic difference in your body temperature. Avoid cranking the heat and facing a big bill by cozying up with some warm clothes, a thick blanket, and a good book or movie instead of touching that thermostat!

Ask Us For Help!

Are you doing everything right, but still find yourself with higher-than-normal energy bills? Let us help! You could have a leak somewhere in your system, or maybe some cleaning or repair work is in order. No matter the issue, we are trained to find the problem and address it, so you can go into this new season with the peace of mind you deserve.

Also, keep in mind that how well your home heats depends a lot on the type of system you have. For example, if you have gas or furnace set-up, 66 degrees will feel more like 68 – 70 degrees, and the heat will be more instantaneous. Yet, with a heat pump 67 degrees might feel more like 65. This is because you’re waiting on that coil to heat up, so the initial air blowing in is cooler than normal.

In these cases, Airbusters can set it up so the fan delays a few minutes before blowing air into your home. This means you won’t have cold air entering before it’s sufficiently heated up.

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