It’s officially the holiday season! And while this means lots of time spent with friends and family enjoying the festivities, it can also mean a lot of hustle and bustle if you’re the one hosting any get-togethers. If this is the boat you find yourself in this Thanksgiving (or for any upcoming holiday events, really), then you may want to consider how your HVAC system is going to fare through it all.

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Taking just a few extra precautions can actually make a huge impact on how well your system functions, and these steps can help to keep your energy bills in check, too (which is always a plus this time of year).

Keep these HVAC tips in mind as we move into the holiday season.

Keep Up On Dusting

During this extra busy time of year, some household chores tend to get missed or put on the back burner. But if there’s one cleaning task you don’t want to neglect it’s dusting!

This is a quick and easy job to cross off your checklist, and if done regularly it ensures less dust enters your air ducts, which benefits it in the long run. The more buildup in your heating system, the harder it has to work (thus upping your monthly bills), and the quicker things will eventually break down.

So, be sure to put dusting on your chore list!

Clean Your Air Vents

This step sort of goes along with the dusting tip. Your air vent covers should be dusted, too, and we even suggest removing them and thoroughly washing both sides to remove any potential build-up. This is an area that’s known to accumulate lots of dust and debris, so cleaning it up on a regular basis could make a bigger impact than you’d think.

Cooking? Turn Down the Thermostat!

During Thanksgiving and throughout the holiday season, the oven tends to get a lot of use! This time of year is all about enjoying good food with those you love, which sometimes means running the stove, oven, and multiple crock pots all at once. And if you’ve ever been the one in the kitchen during times like these, you know how toasty it can get.

During these times, you could easily turn down the thermostat a few degrees without noticing an impact in the comfort levels of your home at all. In fact, it’ll probably feel better since you have so much extra heat radiating around the place already! Basically, it’s a quick step that gives your HVAC system a break while lowering your monthly bills – well worth it.

Change Your Air Filter

Consider picking up a few extra air filters next time you’re out, so that you can change them a little more frequently than the normal recommended amount. Because there will be so much extra hustle and bustle in your household, your vents will be working hard to keep those extra pollutants out of your air. Changing the filter an extra time or two can help it keep up, ensuring your air stays cleaner and your energy bills stay in check.

Watch the Door

Be diligent about people entering and leaving the house. When new guests arrive, it’s easy for everyone to get stuck in the doorway while they chat and catch up, but the longer your front door is open, the more hot air will escape, and the harder your system will need to work to keep your house at the temperature you want it.

Along with this, if you have lots of kiddos in the house make sure they’re not leaving the door open if they’re in and out a lot.

Consider Insulating Your Home

If your attic or crawl spaces are in need of some insulation, now might be the perfect time to get it done. The more insulation you have, the easier it will be to keep the heat in, and the less your system will need to run to keep everyone comfortable and cozy. This is one maintenance tip that will pay off for years to come!

Schedule a Tune-Up

Contact Airbusters Heating and Cooling

Not sure where your HVAC stands or if your system could use some tuning up? Then ask us about completing an HVAC system inspection. This recommended yearly maintenance is a great opportunity for us to look over everything and make sure all is looking good for the upcoming winter season. During our HVAC system inspections, we check all necessary parts to ensure they’re functioning normally and efficiently, and we can make further suggestions that may improve performance as well.

We can also ensure your indoor air quality is up to par – something that is more than welcome this time of year when people are more prone to get sick! If needed, we could discuss installing an air purifier, looking into humidity control options, installing mechanical ventilation, and more.

Give Us a Call!

If you need professional HVAC care, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our techs are standing by and ready to take your call, and you can bet our professional and qualified experts will be able to handle anything you throw our way.

Reach out now before cold weather really sets in – we’re here for you!