Fall is known for being a busier time of year. Summer holidays are coming to an end, and many find themselves getting back into a more structured routine as school starts up and the weather cools down.

Another thing many start thinking about this time of year? Household maintenance!

HVAC Installation and Service

As seasons change, many find themselves wondering what appliances need inspections and service before cold temperatures really set in. Unfortunately, if things get busy and hectic, it’s hard to ensure you get everything done that you need to.

That’s where our service plans come in. One thing that should never be neglected is your HVAC system, especially now when your heat is going to be needed soon. Our service plans guarantee both a fall and a spring inspection, allowing you peace of mind no matter the time of year.

That means no surprise issues popping up, no stressing about when your last checkup was, and no worries about inefficiency or a lack of heat – just sit back, relax, and let us take care of everything!

Why HVAC Maintenance is Essential

Why exactly is professional HVAC care so important? Here are some of the many benefits you have to gain by investing in regular maintenance from our experts.

  • Extending the Life of Your HVAC System: If your system is forced to work harder due to lack of maintenance, it’s simply not going to stand the test of time. On the flip side, some minimal repair work now could save you from shelling out big bucks on a new system sooner than you expected!
  • Saving on Monthly Bills: Regular care also helps you save on monthly heating and cooling bills. If your system is dirty, damaged, or in need of replacement pieces, a lot more energy will be spent keeping your home more comfortable.
  • Preventing Costly Repairs: If damages are present in your HVAC system, they won’t simply hang tight until you’re ready to invest in professional care. They’ll continue to worsen, affecting your system as a whole and ensuring you end up paying more for what could have possibly been an easy fix earlier on.
  • Improving Your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ): Good IAQ is essential for anyone and everyone. We have all kinds of potentially harmful things floating through the air we breathe on a daily basis (think dust, pet dander, pollen, mold…), and if our HVAC system can’t properly filter that stuff out, it’ll simply continue to cycle through our living spaces.
  • Enhancing Comfort Levels: Trying to get your home to the perfect temperature can be frustrating if your HVAC system refuses to cooperate. But no worries! We can have the tools to help you out and keep it running well through any type of weather.
  • Minimizing the Risk of Illness: Remember that talk about IAQ? If yours is poor, it can have some serious impacts on your health or the health of loved ones. This especially goes for those who are already prone to things like asthma, allergies, and other respiratory issues. Lack of maintenance also increases the likelihood of mold growth, which can cause some serious illnesses as well!
  • Avoiding Home Damages: You’ve probably heard this story before – someone goes away for the holidays and they end up coming back to frozen (or burst pipes), water damage, and other issues because they’re HVAC system shut down in the meantime. Regular maintenance minimizes the risk of home damage significantly.
  • Gaining Peace of Mind: All of these benefits add up to give you the peace of mind you deserve no matter what. If you’re looking to feel more at ease as you enter this fall season, it’s time to get in touch with our crew right away.

Our Fall Tune-Ups: What to Expect

If your fall tune-up is coming up, you may be wondering just what to expect when the Airbusters team shows up at your home.

With all of our fall-time services, we test and inspect the electrical components of the system, along with all of the safety components. We’ll also check for any exterior damage or any excessive wear and tear on your external components. Finally, you can also expect us to clean the outdoor condenser coil and verify the supply and return airflow temperatures are where they need to be.

Then, if applicable to your appliance or setup, we’ll also remove any dust or debris buildup from the heat exchange and burners, oil your motors, verify your gas pressure, inspect and verify the refrigerant level (as well as the operation of the refrigerant system), flush the condensation P-trap and piping, and test/inspect the defrost controls.

In the end, you’ll be able to feel good about entering your fall season with ease and reassurance. Trust us – every time you go to turn on your heat, you’ll be happy to have had this maintenance done and out of the way!

Other Perks of Our Service Plan

And believe it or not, signing up for our service plan comes with even more perks! These include:

  • A 15% discount on all parts and labor
  • Priority emergency services (at no extra charge)
  • A certification of inspection after each spring and fall tune-up
  • A $50 credit for every consecutive year you renew which is applied toward the purchase of a new unit

Ready to Learn More?

If you have any questions about our service plan or any of the other services we offer, please reach out today at 615-258-5530. Our experts are educated, experienced, and would be happy to help with it al!