Get to the Bottom of Things With an HVAC System Inspection

When your HVAC system is having issues, it can not only be inconvenient and make life at home uncomfortable, it can also be a health and safety hazard. And if the issues aren’t addressed, your furnace, boiler, heat pump, or central air conditioner can wear out fast, leaving you with a big surprise replacement bill.

In other words, if you think your HVAC system is in need of a little TLC, it’s not something you should put off. Instead, give Airbusters a call to schedule an HVAC system inspection. We’ll get to the bottom of things so you know how to move forward.

HVAC Technician inspecting HVAC unit fan wearing a green face mask.
HVAC Technician Inspecting Motor of HVAC Unit
HVAC technician running diagnostic inspection on HVAC unit.

What is an HVAC System Inspection & What’s Included?

An HVAC System Inspection is a full checkup on everything in the HVAC system — including the wiring, piping, venting, boiler, furnace, heat pump systems, and coils.

The goal of the HVAC System Inspection is to locate any problems or inefficiencies so they can be addressed. We’ll look for anything that could impede function, including airflow issues, hot or cold spots, operational failures, clogs, blockages, buildup, carbon monoxide leaks, and safety concerns. If we find small things that need to be done, like filter changes or tightening of parts or components, we’ll take care of it during the inspection.

But the best part is that when we’re done with your inspection, you’ll know exactly how your HVAC system is functioning and if anything needs to be done to repair the system or improve function.

Some of the things we check during an inspection include:

  • installation of unit
  • ignition and burner
  • venting
  • voltage
  • electrical components
  • connections
  • filters
  • condensate drains and condensate line
  • thermostat calibration
  • ductwork
  • controls and shut off
  • blower
  • gas piping and pressure
  • refrigerant pressure

Think of it as an in-depth physical for your HVAC system.

Technician with electric screw driver inspecting HVAC unit wearing orange shirt and sunglasses on his head.

When Should You Schedule an HVAC System Inspection?

It’s a good idea to schedule an HVAC System Inspection annually so you’re made aware of any issues with the system early on. This can save you money on energy bills and prevent the need for costly system repairs or replacements.

You should also schedule an HVAC System Inspection anytime you experience issues with your HVAC system or notice a change in performance.

Of course, we also recommend scheduling an HVAC System Inspection when you move into a new home. Home inspectors do a very basic inspection of the HVAC system, but they certainly don’t test everything or look for things that could be problematic, despite the HVAC system’s ability to function. For example, a cracked heat exchanger or mold growth in the ductwork. By scheduling a full HVAC System Inspection with an HVAC pro, you can breathe easy in your new home, knowing everything is working as efficiently and as safely as it should.

Find Out What Your System Needs Today

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