Need Your HVAC Unit Replaced? We Provide Free Second Opinions on Quotes so You Know You’re Getting a Fair Price

The words, “You need to replace your HVAC unit” can really wreck your day. After all, replacing an HVAC unit is costly. And since you use your HVAC system day in and day out, replacing it isn’t really optional.

But when you get that news, it’s natural to wonder if you’re getting ripped off. You’re in a situation where you need something and the company knows it. They also know you probably don’t know what you should even expect to pay for a replacement.

So you may be thinking,

“How do I know if I’m getting a fair price? What if the company just wants more money? What if they’re taking advantage of me because I’m in a bind?”

Unfortunately, there are some companies in the home services industry that you should rightfully distrust. And we know it can be hard to tell if you’re being taken for a ride, which is why we offer free second opinions on HVAC unit replacement quotes.

We’ll come out, verify equipment sizing, verify installation setup and location(s), and take measurements so we can accurately assess pricing. We’ll let you know if the price you were quoted is fair for the unit replacement, and if it’s not, we’ll let you know what we would charge for the same work. That way, you can be confident you’re getting the best deal before you move forward.

Call for Your Free Second Opinion Today

Have you been told you need a new HVAC unit? Before you schedule the job, give Airbusters a call at 615-258-5530 or reach out to us online to get your free second opinion. We care about the Nashville community and we’re here to help, even if we’re not the company you end up hiring. 


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