Building a New Home or Office in Nashville? Leave HVAC System Design & Installation to Us

Building a home or office in the Nashville area? Leave the custom HVAC system design and installation to the experienced team here at Airbusters. Our team of professionals is trained in all things HVAC and can deliver the energy-saving, efficient system you’re after, so your space stays comfortable and your heating and cooling bills stay as low as possible.

We’re a licensed, insured, drug-free company and we invest in ongoing training and education for each of our employees. We work with our clients in every aspect of our process, so all your questions, worries, and needs are met and you can relax knowing you’re in good hands.

What’s included in our HVAC system design and installation?

  • Assessment of airflow and heating/cooling needs
  • Recommendations on the very best units and components (including furnaces, heat pumps, AC units, fans, etc.)
  • Custom design and configuration
  • Installation of ductwork and all other components by licensed, experienced pros

We’ll come up with a custom system, recommending any necessary fans, dehumidifiers, and other components, and figure out the best configuration for your space. Once we’ve installed your new system, everything will be rigorously tested and checked for safety and efficiency.

Why Trust Your HVAC System Design & Installation to Airbusters?

Here’s the thing: there’s a lot that goes into making an HVAC system efficient and safe. If you get one thing wrong — like the amount of insulation in the attic, the size of the ductwork, or the number of elbows in the ductwork — the entire system will suffer. If you create runs that are too long or you don’t include enough return vents, your system won’t perform optimally. You really have to know what you’re doing.

Here are just a few of the things that can happen if something is done incorrectly during the design and installation stage:

  • If the air conditioner is too large for the duct system, the evaporator coil could freeze and leave you with a system that doesn’t work.
  • If the air conditioner is too large for the duct system, the reduced airflow could cause the air conditioner to work harder and fail prematurely.
  • If the ductwork is not adequately insulated, you could have a hard time maintaining the correct temperature in your space.
  • If long runs are used, the system will have to work harder to push air to every room, which could lead to an overtaxed system and inconsistent temperatures throughout the space.
  • If the wrong sealing materials are used during installation, ductwork could come loose or develop small leaks.

Your comfort and the efficiency and safety of your HVAC system are completely dependent upon the design and installation of that system. So don’t leave it to someone without the knowledge and experience needed to get it right.

Our team knows exactly what to factor in, what to plan for, and what to do to get the best possible performance from an HVAC system. And we’re installation experts. We’ll think of things you never even considered, so your space remains clean and comfortable at all times. Things like:

  • Where will the sun hit the home or office?
  • How will your space be used?
  • How insulated will the home or office be?
  • How many windows and doors are there?
  • What type of roof will the space have?
  • And more

Call Today — Scheduling Is Easy & Working With Us Is Stress-Free

We know there’s a lot to consider when building a new home or office, but if you’re building in the Nashville area and you want to make sure your new home or office stays comfortable and that you never pay more in heating and cooling costs than you should, call Airbusters at 615-258-5530.

We’d love to talk about your new space’s heating and cooling needs and take care of everything from A to Z for you. Call or request an appointment online today to get started!

Once your system is designed and installed, keep things in great working order with our HVAC Service Plans! You’ll get two tune-ups a year, plus other perks like discounted pricing and priority scheduling. Find out more right here.


Did you know our installation, service and repair services include ductwork design and installation? Ask for details today.