Leave Your Ductwork Design, Installation & Repair to Nashville’s HVAC Pros

Proper ductwork design, installation, and repair are key to ensuring a high-performing HVAC system, and it’s relatively easy to get these things wrong. So save DIY for projects with the kids and leave your ductwork in the hands of our experienced pros. As Nashville’s HVAC experts, we’re proud to offer professional ductwork design, installation, and repair services.

Here’s how we can help you enjoy a more comfortable home, a longer service life for your HVAC unit, and cleaner, fresher air…

Close up of Technician assessing floor vent and ductwork
Technician assessing floor vent and ductwork
Technician inspecting ductwork in crawl space

Ductwork Design & Installation

The design and installation of your ductwork will directly impact the efficiency and performance of your HVAC system, so it’s important that it be done right. If it’s not, you may experience some of the following common HVAC system problems:

  • Poor air quality
  • Poor performance from your furnace and/or AC unit
  • Air pressure issues that lead to things like lingering smells and slamming doors
  • Higher utilities
  • Excessive humidity
  • A shorter service life for your air conditioner and/or furnace
  • Drafty areas
  • Hot and cold spots or rooms in your home

What can go wrong during ductwork design and installation?

Here are just a few examples of the mistakes we see homeowners and contractors make:

  • Long runs — They design and install the ductwork with long runs, forcing the unit to work harder to get air through the system
  • Sharp corners — They design and install the ductwork with several sharp corners, which causes airflow issues
  • Poor seal — They don’t properly seal ductwork, leaving gaps and leaks
  • Poor placement — They choose improper placement which can alter the temperature of the duct
  • Poor sizing — They don’t use correctly-sized ducts for the system
  • Insufficient returns — They don’t install enough return vents

But when you leave ductwork design and installation to Airbusters, you don’t have to worry about any of that.

We have more than 15 years of experience with ductwork design and installation, and we’ll make sure the end results are conducive to proper airflow and system efficiency. We’ll take the time to plan and map out everything, with an understanding of physics, local climate, the thermal characteristics of each room in your home, and airflow. 

Then, using the proper materials in the proper size, we’ll start the installation process. We’ll lay out ductwork symmetrically and with a minimum number of elbows and bends. We’ll also avoid long runs and seal everything with materials that won’t lose their adhesive properties due to condensation or changes in temperature. We’ll get it right, guaranteed. And we’ll think of everything so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Ductwork Repair

Damaged or leaky ductwork will greatly reduce the efficiency of your HVAC system as well, leaving you with uncomfortable rooms in your home, an overtaxed unit, and higher energy bills. But don’t worry, because we can make any necessary ductwork repairs and restore your system to peak performance.

What types of ductwork repairs do we specialize in?

  • Leaky ducts — Ducts oftentimes leak because they were poorly sealed during installation. Of course, leaks can also occur as a result of a hole or other type of duct damage. Whatever is causing your ductwork to leak, we’ll pinpoint the problem fast and provide you with a long-lasting solution, so you can get optimal performance from your HVAC system.
  • Poorly insulated ducts — For temperature control purposes, ductwork should be adequately insulated. If it’s not, you’ll find that it’s much more difficult to maintain and control the temperature of the air coming through your HVAC system. If inadequate insulation is to blame for your HVAC issues, we’ll take care of it for you.

No matter what type of repair work you need done, you can count on the team at Airbusters to do the job right.

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