Air conditioning systems have become part of modern living, providing reliable comfort when things get hot. However, like any mechanical system, air conditioners are susceptible to wear and tear, leading to the need for maintenance and repairs.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that your air conditioning unit isn’t running as it used to. For example, it may be running more noisily or inconsistently or be leaking. Or perhaps you’ve noticed a mildew smell or your energy bills continue to increase inexplicably.

These symptoms are no need to full out panic, but they do require some professional insight to find resolution. Fortunately, we have the knowledge and ability to troubleshoot issues and keep your system running at the top of its game. Here are some common repairs that we employ to maximize the proper and most efficient functioning of your air conditioner.

✔ Repair Required: Refrigerant Leaks

the top of an outdoor air conditioner attached to gauge equipmentRefrigerant is responsible for cooling the air that circulates with an A/C unit. Refrigerant leaks are not an uncommon issue, but will lead to inadequate cooling performance and greater energy consumption. In other words, your system will not get your home cool and your energy bills may simultaneously rise.

How can you tell you have a refrigeration leak? If you’ve set your system to cool but it’s blowing warm air, a leak is the likely culprit. You may also notice a hissing sound near the unit.

Now, adding refrigerant alone isn’t enough. Our pros will identify the source of the leak, repair or replace any damaged components, and then recharge the refrigerant to the ideal level.

✔ Repair Required: Compressor Issues

Think of the compressor as the heart of the A/C system. Responsible for compressing refrigerant, it plays a key role in enabling the cooling process. Not surprisingly then, compressor issues can lead to improper cooling – or even a complete breakdown of the system. What would cause this? Electrical problems, overheating, or simply wear over time can all contribute to compressor damage.

Signs of a compressor issue might include unusual noises (such as rattling or a grinding noise) and a struggle to maintain the desired temperature. The remedy will depend on the severity of the problem. Individual components of the compressor, such as capacitors or valves, may need to be replaced, or in some cases, the entire compressor unit.

✔ Repair Required: Evaporator Coil Problems

Another piece commonly in play when repairs are needed is the evaporator coil. Responsible for absorbing heat from the indoor air and transferring it to the refrigerant, evaporator coils can become dirty over time or freeze. Either problem will inhibit the coils’ ability to cool your space’s air efficiently, reducing cooling performance and increasing energy consumption. These symptoms may take the form of insufficient cooling – your space simply isn’t reaching the desired temperature, uneven cooling throughout the space, and higher energy usage. You might also note visible frost or ice build up on the indoor unit.

Addressing evaporator coil issues may involve us cleaning them, ensuring airflow is proper, thawing, and making adjustments to prevent the coils freezing in the future.

✔ Repair Required: Condenser Coil Blockages

Another coil in your system is the condenser coil. It releases heat that’s been absorbed from indoor air into the outdoor environment. Like the evaporator coil, your condenser coil can fall prey to dust, debris, and other contaminants. If these accumulate on the condenser coil, they can obstruct heat transfer and reduce the efficiency of your system.

How so? Your A/C might run continuously, yet fail to cool adequately. In extreme cases, your system may overheat and shut down.

Regular maintenance will help you avoid this problem altogether by preventing blockages. We professionally clean the outdoor condenser coil in both our fall and spring tune-ups under our HVAC service plan. However, if your coil is obstructed, it’s definitely time for a professional cleaning asap – and in severe cases, coil replacement may be necessary.

✔ Repair Required: Electrical Malfunctions

the top of an outdoor a/c unitElectrical issues can stem from a variety of sources, such as damaged capacitors, faulty wiring, or a malfunctioning thermostat. Electrical problems can also lead to a range of results, such as inconsistent cooling, system malfunction, or even complete HVAC system failure. If your circuit breakers are frequently tripping, temperature control is erratic, or your A/C simply won’t turn on, it’s possible that electrical issues are at the root of things.

How will we fix it? One of our technicians will diagnose the electrical malfunction, ensure that all components are functioning and properly connected, and repair any problems.

Count On Our Experienced Technicians for Optimal Solutions

HVAC systems will require routine maintenance and may need repairs at some point in their lifetimes. Prompt repairs not only ensure efficient cooling in the present, but also protect the lifespan of the air conditioning unit.

Our years of experience in both the residential and commercial sectors have made us adept at pinpointing issues efficiently, and at identifying and enacting accurate solutions. No matter what’s required, you can rely on us for accurate, honest information about your HVAC system and a desire to meet your needs with professionalism and integrity.

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