When it comes to the ductwork in your home and business, proper design matters. If your system isn’t pressurized just right, the airflow will Ductwork Design, Installation, and Repair - Nashville TN - Airbusters Heating & Coolingbe imbalanced, and not every room in your house will be allowed an equal distribution of hot or cold air (depending on the season). Proper design also ensures you avoid those uncomfortable hot and cold spots throughout the home, and it eliminates unnecessary drafts, too.

Worried about your indoor air quality? That’s another reason why clean, well-functioning ductwork is so important. Imbalanced airflow causes negative house pressure, which means make-up air is coming in faster than the air inside can leave. This leads to more bugs and outside organisms in your airstream, which can affect overall health.

Finally, proper ductwork helps you avoid excess wear and tear on your HVAC unit. Whether it is oversized, constricted, or facing some type of damage, if things aren’t set up right, your airflow will suffer, and your system will be forced to work harder as a whole.

Ensure your ductwork lasts for the long haul, and avoid stress, hassle, and even health issues by keeping the following common mistakes in mind. By avoiding these issues, you’re one step closer to getting the air quality, peace of mind, and levels of comfort you deserve. Call on our team right away if you have any trouble!

Your Ducts Are Too Small

If your ductwork is too small or too restricted, proper airflow will be a struggle. The design needs to be big enough for airflow to work through it, and if it can’t, your pressure systems will be all out of whack. Essentially, air won’t be able to move through at the pace it needs to in order to keep your home at a reasonable temperature, and you’ll have rooms with varying levels of heating/cooling.

This is less than ideal, and it can make things really uncomfortable, especially at the end of the day when everyone is trying to relax and you’re all looking for the perfect temperature to relax in. If you’re concerned that your current ducts aren’t performing up to your standards, let us check them out today. We’ll ensure you have the appropriate sized vents for your home, so you can rest at ease all season long.

You Have Dented Duct Caps

The end of every duct system has a cap where air is supposed to stop. These dead ends are necessary so that your system can pressurize the air and push it back to the unit, where it is then distributed into your home. If this isn’t done just right, heating and cooling air won’t effectively reach all areas of the household.

Unfortunately, many people put dents in the ends of their duct system, which causes the entire pressure system to malfunction. The cap will still pressurize the air back, but not in a way that is effective, and your entire household will suffer because of it.

This is what causes certain rooms to be hotter/colder when they aren’t supposed to be. Essentially, the system simply no longer has the powerized pressure to send air in every space that it is needed. Having these issues resolved as soon as possible is a big must if your home is lacking good airflow. We can inspect the unit to determine whether or not repairs or replacement parts are needed.

Your Ducts Have Sharp Bends

Are you using flexible ducts to complete your design? Well, these may seem ideal for certain spaces, but when installed incorrectly, they can cause some big problems. Because they bend so easily, it’s common for the installer to make the turn too sharp. This leads to a space that is much too tight and restricted, and air will not be able to properly flow through.

In the end, you need enough surface area for air to effectively vent. Without this, your system will either fail to get the job done or be forced to work extra hard to get air distributed. Either scenario is less than ideal.

Your Ducts Were Improperly Installed

Air leaks during installation are unfortunately all too common for the amateur do-it-yourselfer, which is why it is always recommended to have your HVAC system set up and installed by a professional. Not investing in a qualified technician can lead to air leaks, which then causes air to be unable to get to all of the branch lines at the rate it is supposed to.

The end result? Certain rooms might be getting air, but not nearly enough to keep all areas of the home at a comfortable temperature. This could also cause condensation and moisture to occur, which will trigger more damage throughout your home. Seem worth it? Probably not. Invest in a NATE-certified expert from the start to avoid costly issues and discomfort down the line.

You Don’t Have Enough Return Vents

If your return vents are limited or small in size, they’re going to have trouble getting air in, thus affecting circulation and airflow throughout your living space. You may notice a strange noise coming from the vent as it tries to suck more air than it can, and if this is the norm in your household, it’s time to get things checked out.

In the end, if each room doesn’t have enough airflow, you’ll experience problems that affect the efficiency of the entire set-up.

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