There are a lot of great things about fall, and there’s no denying that seeing piles of crunchy, colorful leaves are one of many highlights. That said, while these are nice to look at (and, let’s be honest, jump into), there are some negatives to all this falling foliage as well.


One thing the techs here at Airbusters urge our customers to be aware of is the potential harm caused by leaves building up inside your outdoor air conditioning unit.

Problems Caused by Leaves & Debris

Your outdoor system is tasked with ensuring all of the extra heat in your home is sent safely out, so you can enjoy the cool air in your living space as comfortably as possible. Yet, if leaves build up inside the unit, the fans could easily become blocked, leaving them unable to send away that latent heat.

As you can imagine, this puts a damper on efficiency, and it isn’t good for the system, as a whole either.

This buildup can quickly lead to damage in other forms, too. Leaves are known for drawing in moisture, which can trigger rusting and other issues, and decayed leaves also produce gases that are acidic and can eat away at various parts of the unit.

In the end, all areas of your HVAC unit need to be able to function efficiently and appropriately, or your entire system will fail to offer the results you’re hoping for.

Not to mention, if the unit is forced to work harder to get the job done, you’ll wind up spending more month to month on energy bills. And it’s sure to break down sooner in the end, too!

Protecting Your HVAC System

So, what can you do as a homeowner to ensure all things are operating smoothly?

We recommend the following actions:

  • Invest in a cover: If your system isn’t constantly in use (especially now that we’re experiencing cooler days/nights now and then), consider investing in a cover. If you tend to shut the air conditioning off when the sun goes down, for instance, this would be a great time to slip that cover on to ensure no debris blows in overnight. This is also a good investment for those cooler/windier days or for afternoons when stormy weather makes an appearance. And once winter comes around, you’ll really appreciate having one!
  • Rake, rake, rake: We get that raking your yard isn’t always the most fun job, but it makes a big difference when it comes to keeping your outdoor AC unit better protected! The fewer leaves on the ground, the less likely they are to blow in and clog up your fan.
  • Regularly inspect your outdoor unit: It’s always a good idea to peek inside and try to clear out any debris you can. This goes for the wintertime, too! That said, be careful to not cause any damage while trying to clean things out.
  • Trim overhanging branches: Are there any branches hanging directly over the AC unit? Trim them, so there’s no chance of loose leaves and branches falling into it.
  • Avoid planting bushes and plants nearby: It can be tempting to want to hide your outdoor system amongst plants and bushes, but this can cause big headaches down the line when all kinds of debris are filling it up and causing problems. A good rule of thumb is to always try and leave a 3-foot clearance around the compressor.

Need Professional Care? We’ve Got You Covered

Now, the above steps can be really useful for avoiding issues, but sometimes more action is required. In these cases, count on our professionals to help you out with it all! In fact, seasonal professional maintenance is an important part of ensuring your system keeps running well year after year, so don’t wait to get on the phone with us.

And if you want to guarantee the care you deserve without having to stress about it, consider signing up for our HVAC service plan. These include both a fall and spring tune-up, as well as many perks, ensuring you always get the top-notch, high-quality care you deserve.

Our fall tune-ups include removing any dust or debris buildup, testing and inspection of all electrical and safety components, oiling the motors, verifying the gas pressure, inspecting the refrigerant levels, checking for any exterior damage or excessive wear, flushing the condensation P-trap and piping, cleaning the outdoor condenser coil, testing the defrost control, and verifying the supply and return airflow temps.

Why Trust Us?

Why are we the go-to crew for folks throughout Nashville and its surrounding cities? Because we’re certified, educated, and we make it our goal to ensure you are properly taken care of.

We don’t cut corners or try to scam you out of anything, and we take the time to ensure all of your bases are covered, so you’re truly left with everything you need to live safer and more comfortably.

In the end, finding a crew as experienced and informed as us isn’t easy. We’re licensed, insured, and drug-free, so you can rest easier once your appointment with us is booked.

Ready to get started? Don’t wait – give us a call to get started. We look forward to hearing from you!