Who We Are & What You Get When You Hire Us

We know that when you’re looking for an HVAC company, you want to know more than just the basics. You want to know how qualified they are, if they have the proper training and education, how they approach their work, and how they’ll treat you and your property.

We get it. So we’ll skip over the boring founder info and get into what it is about us that makes us a good choice for you. Ready?

How we approach our work

A lot of companies will offer band-aid fixes that don’t really solve the problems of their customers. That’s not how we do things. Our goal is to develop and implement solutions, not to simply treat symptoms, which is why our approach is so comprehensive.

We consider the entire HVAC system as it relates to the heating, cooling, and air quality needs of the home or commercial space as a whole. We work with you in every aspect of our process, from problem identification to solution implementation, to guarantee that all of your questions, worries, and needs are met.

What does that mean for you?

It means you get solid, effective solutions and better results from your HVAC system. And it means you won’t have to worry about paying for a fix, only to have the problem pop up again a short while later.

Our training & education

We specialize in residential and light commercial HVAC services, and our training, experience, and continued education are all geared towards the realization of our #1 goal: to develop and implement solutions, not to simply treat symptoms.

We have 15+ years of industry experience and training in everything from general installation, service, and diagnostics to system and ductwork design. Our experience spans from small residential to heavy commercial, including large scale retail dehumidification and air purification and walk-in cooler system design, build, and service.

In other words, we’ve done it all and you can be confident in the work we do for your home or business. We’re also licensed, insured, and drug-free, so you can rest easy when we’re on your property.

Our certifications & memberships

In our quest to be the very best in what we do and to stay on top of the latest trends and trainings, we’re proud to be:

  • NATE Certified (North American Technician Excellence — The Leading HVAC Certification)
  • EPA 608 Universal Certified (Certified in EPA Regulations regarding all refrigerants under Section 608 of the Clean Air Act)
  • R410A Certified (Certified in R-410A refrigerant, which has higher pressure qualities)
  • ASHRAE Members (The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers)
  • RSES Members (Refrigeration Service Engineers Society)
  • ACCA Members (Air Conditioning Contractors of America)
  • IAQA Members (Indoor Air Quality Association)

We’ve put a lot of time and energy into becoming the knowledgeable and skilled HVAC experts we are and our promise to you is that we will continue to work towards excellence for your safety and peace of mind.

Our HVAC Service Plans

One of our main goals is to make HVAC maintenance simple and stress-free for our clients in Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood, and the surrounding communities. We know you don’t want another thing on your to-do list and you have enough reminders set on your phone.

Our HVAC Service Plans are designed to eliminate the burden of remembering when you’re due for an HVAC tune-up and prevent big, costly, inconvenient problems. You’ll receive two comprehensive tune-ups a year to ensure your system is good to go when you need it most.

What else do you get when you sign up for an HVAC Service Plan? Discounted labor and parts, priority emergency scheduling, credit towards a new unit, and more. We try to pack as much value as possible into these plans so it’s a win win for you and your family.

Crew fixing HVAC
Crew cleaning HVAC unit with hose
Crew member fixing HVAC unit

Breathe Easy When You Choose Airbusters

Whether you’re working on improving your indoor air quality or you’re having trouble with your heating system or AC system, you can call Airbusters with confidence. We’re experienced, trained, professional, and here to make your life more comfortable. It’s what we do!

To request an appointment with one of our certified professionals, please call 615-258-5530 or reach out to us here on our website. We look forward to working with you!


When you contact us, you can count on the team at Airbusters to be the professionals you rely on.