a dog with his tongue out on a beach with a fruity drinkThe long days of mid-summer are here and that means lots of sun. While there are many ways to escape the heat that the sun brings (think ice cream, swimming pools, and shade trees), these only go so far. The truth is, having a properly functioning air conditioner is crucial to keep a comfortable home during these warm months. There is nothing more refreshing than opening the door of your home and stepping out of the hot sun into the perfectly chilled air of your living space.

Of course, the hospitality provided by a working air conditioner is stifled if that air conditioner is disturbingly noisy. A loud air conditioner can ruin a peaceful environment, be generally uncomfortable, and indicate deeper issues that can lead to costly problems down the road.

Here are some of the most common reasons your air conditioner may be running loudly – and of course, actions you can take to quiet it down.

1. Improper Installation

Noise is actually the result of vibrating waves. When you listen to music these waves are made by vibrating a string, hitting a drum, blowing through a reed, or buzzing through a horn. There are many ways to creatively control these vibrations to make sound. Even when you talk or sing you are pushing air through vibrating fibers in your voice box that create waves that we perceive as sound.

An improperly installed air conditioner can become an instrument all unto itself. This instrument, however, can’t be controlled and creates a type of music that makes your teenager’s playlist suddenly seem more like Mozart or Wagner.

Loud rattling, humming, and drumming are all possible effects that come from an air conditioner that isn’t mounted to a level surface or unevenly attached to a solid structure.

At Airbusters Heating and Cooling Service we specialize in making sure your air conditioner is not only running well, but also providing a home that is comfortable and hospitable. Our friendly and professional technicians can help spot errors in installation and get them corrected for you, so that you can enjoy the cool without the noise.

2. Age & Wear

Thanks to the 2nd law of thermodynamics we know that, no matter how expensive and nice your air conditioner was when it was first installed, over time it will begin to show wear and tear. Everything has a limited lifespan and that includes your air conditioner.

Your air conditioner’s bearings, motor, and other parts are prone to factors that cause them to simply not work quite as well as they used to. Tiny increases in friction and erosion can have an enormous effect on the noise that comes from your air conditioner. In addition to noise output, efficiency of the air conditioner can also be affected by entropy.

Long story short? It’s important to make sure that your air conditioner is well maintained. At Airbusters Heating & Cooling Service here in Nashville, we offer service plans that provide your air conditioner regular maintenance and tune-ups that ensure you are getting the most out of your quietly working air conditioner.

3. Dirty or Clogged Components

an a/c unit with tools on top of itHave your sinuses ever gotten clogged up to the point it sounds like you’re hearing everything underwater? People look at you funny when you start talking because, to make up for the loss in volume in your own ears, you begin talking really loudly. Sometimes when things get clogged up it causes other things to get loud. The same is true with your air conditioner.

If various components collect enough dust or if your air filter gathers too many unhealthy particles, it will have to work harder to continue doing the same job. Just like you breathe more loudly when you work harder, your air conditioner runs loudly when it is working too hard.

Making sure you are regularly replacing your air filter and having regular professional maintenance done to your air conditioner will keep it free of debris and running efficiently.

4. Refrigerant Leaks

Another culprit of loud air conditioners is a refrigerant leak. This problem leads to a bit of a different sound, however. When your air conditioner is leaking refrigerant it is common to hear bubbling and hissing. This unfortunate circumstance can lead to an increase in workload for your air conditioner, higher energy bills, and damage to your unit. These leaks have to be taken care of promptly to avoid further, more costly, and even dangerous problems. 

Airbusters Heating & Cooling Service has all the tools and experience necessary to locate any leaks and address the issue. A simple phone call can get you up and running so that your air conditioner runs quietly, efficiently, and doesn’t end up costing you a fortune down the road.

Count On Us for Exceptional Service

Airbusters Heating & Cooling Service offers service plans that allow you to keep your heating and cooling units well maintained and quiet without having to worry. There are many advantages to signing up for a service plan including discounts on parts and labor, priority emergency services, and certificates of inspection.

And for customers that auto-renew their service plans annually without a break in service, you also get a $50 credit each year towards the purchase of a new unit. Credit accumulates every year until it is applied to the purchase of a new HVAC unit.

Stop listening to the cacophony of mechanical music coming from your air conditioner. Call us today at Airbusters Heating & Cooling Service and let us reintroduce you to the sound of peace and comfort. You can also reach out online – thanks for choosing us.